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 MORNSUN keeps the spirit of being a front runner and making high quality DC/DC Converter, AC/DC Converter, IGBT Driver, Transceiver Module, Isolation Amplifier and EMC Auxiliary Device,etc.
 As specializing in research application on Magneto electric isolation technology and products,most of MORNSUN product lines have UL, CE, EN60601-1, [Exia]IIC approval.

Six Product Groups Simplify Your Design

Product Group Features Picture
DC-DC Converter 1. Power: 1-100W
2. Package option: SIP,DIP,SMD,DIN,Chassis mounting
3. Input voltage range: ±5%,±10%,2:1,4:1,8:1
4. Output voltage: 3.3-48V /regulated, unregulated
AC-DC Converter 1. Power: 3-240W
2. Ripple & noise: 50mV (Typ.)
3. Package option: SIP,DIP,Din-rail
4. EMC/EMI: Class B
IGBT Driver 1. IGBT driver+specialized DC/DC converter
2. Input voltage: 12V/15V/24V
3. Output voltage:+15V/-9V
4. Switching frequency up to 40KHz
Transceiver Module 1. Built-in RS485,RS232,CAN
2. Isolation voltage: 2500VDC-3750VDC
3. Low power consumption, static current as low as 35mA
4. ESD protection: IEC/EN61000-4-2 Contact ±4KV perf.Criteria B
Isolation Amplifier 1. Isolation voltage: 2000VAC
2. Precision: 0.1%F.S
3. Temperature drift: 50PPM/℃(within -40℃~+85℃)
EMC Auxiliary Device MORNSUN EMC filters are used to enhance the EMC performance in the applications with power converters.

Hot Sale Products

Product Group Model Number Power Vin Vout PDF
DC-DC B0505XT-1WR2 1W 5V 5V B_XT-1WR2.pdf
URB2405LD-30WR3 30W 9~36V 5V URB_LD-30WR3.pdf
K7805-500R3 / 6.5~36V 5V K78Lxx-500R3.pdf
AC-DC LS03-15B24SR2S 3W 85~264VAC 24V LS03-15BxxSR2(-F).pdf
LH20-13B24 20W 85~305VAC 24V LH20-25.pdf

Product Group Model Number Switching Frequency (Max.) Vin Vout PDF
IGBT Driver QC962-8A 40KHz +15、-10 +15、-9 QC962-8A.pdf
QA01C / 15(±10%) +20、-4 QA01C.pdf

Product Group Model Number Notes Number Vin Transmission Rate PDF
Isolation Amplifier TD301D485 32 3.17~3.45V 0-9.6Kbps TDx01D485.pdf
TD501D485 32 4.75~5.25V 0-9.6Kbps TDx01D485.pdf

Product Group Model Number Loop Input Voltage Input Signal Output Signal PDF
Isolation Amplifier T797HL 15~24V 0~2.5V 3.7~22mA TxxxxHL.pdf

Product Group Model Number Inductance(μH) (typ) Current(A)(Max) DCR(mΩ)(Typ) PDF
EMC Auxiliary Device FL2D-30-222 2200*2 3A 50*2 FL2D-XX-XXX.pdf