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Single Board Computers (SBC) Online Store

Not only Single Board Computers (DragonBoard, Rasberry Pi and more), System-On-Modules – SOM solutions but also Expansion boards, Development Kits and accessories are now available at Chip One Stop.

Making the most of the global supply chain at Arrow Divisions, Chip One Stop provides a variety of single board computers for different purposes and applications.

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  • Raspberry Pi Official Starter Kit
    Raspberry Pi

    Official starter kit with all the
    necessary components. Includes
    peripheral equipment with official
    logo and a book of fun applications.

  • Raspberry Pi Display Development Kit
    Raspberry Pi

    This kit combines the most popular
    Raspberry Pi accessories for development
    using display into one kit.

  • BeagleBoneBlack Rev.C

    AM335x 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 mounted
    LinuxSBC developed by BeagleBoard.org

  • BeagleBoneGreen
    Beagleboard&Seeed Studio

    SBC co-developed by BeagleBoard. org and Seeed.
    It is compatible with Black and has a Grove connector instead of HDMI

  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module3 DevKit
    Raspberry Pi

    It is a 3 piece set of SoM with the same Broadcom CPU as Raspberry Pi 3, Lite version excluding eMMC, and I/O board.

  • Arduino Uno R3

    If you’re starting Arduino, start here.
    The most standard Arduino with ATmega 328P

  • BBC micro:bit

    Educational board created by British public broadcast “BBC”.
    Easy to program on the web browser.
    Starter kit version (micro: bit GO Starter Kit) available

  • Genuino 101

    It is the same as Arduino 101.
    It is a BLE equipped with Intel Curie, and SBC with 3 axis accelerometer & 3 axis gyro sensor

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