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Not only Single Board Computers (DragonBoard, Rasberry Pi and more), System-On-Modules – SOM solutions but also Expansion boards, Development Kits and accessories are now available at Chip One Stop.

Making the most of the global supply chain at Arrow Divisions, Chip One Stop provides a variety of
single board computers for different purposes and applications.

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  • CORE


    IoT prototyping board with camera and radio. This is a GR reference board for the RZ family RZ/A1LU group.

  • Seeed


    It is equipped with ATmega328P and can be used like Arduino Uno R3. It is installed with 3 connectors for GROVE system.

  • SONY


    A board with high performance GNSS receiver and smart sensing processor for IoT compatible with high sound quality high resolution sound source. Expansion boards can also be purchased

  • Arduino

    Arduino Uno R3

    If you’re starting Arduino, start here. The most standard Arduino with ATmega 328P

  • Beagleboard&Seeed Studio


    SBC co-developed by BeagleBoard. org and Seeed. It is compatible with Black and has a Grove connector instead of HDMI

  • BBC

    BBC micro:bit

    Educational board created by British public broadcast “BBC”. Easy to program on the web browser. Starter kit version (micro: bit GO Starter Kit) available

  • Link Sprite

    96Boards Starter Kit

    With 8 types of modules included, it is useful for those who are starting 96Boards. It helps to launch more complex product hardware and software development using 96Boards.

  • Via Technologies

    VIA SOM-9X20 Starter Kit

    VIA SOM-9X20 is a System-On-Module with a Snapdragon™ 820E embedded platform.

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