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How to request a quote

We provide quotations for all products. Even if you do not get a hit when searching for a product, we will give a quotation based on the information that you can provide. Usually, a quotation will be sent within 2 business days.

If you cannot find the product you want, reviewing the search words/terms that you used may help you find what you are looking for. Try searching again with shorter search terms or dropping off the last few numbers of a part number, or if using common names such as manufacturer names, try using separate search lines.

If the search hit comes up with 0 results, request a quotation directly using the search input (manufacturer part number). After checking the search input, please specify the manufacturer (if unknown, please select other manufacturer) and request a quotation from your quotation cart. A quotation will usually be sent within 1~2 business days.

The multiple part number search function allows you to search for multiple products at the same time. Please see here for details. You can also use your Bill of Materials (BOM) manager if you want to search for part numbers in a BOM Please see here for details.

Please proceed directly to the quotation cart with that similar part number and enter the situation in the comment section.
A reply should be sent within 1 to 2 business days.

You can use your quote history page if you would like to make another RFQ under the same conditions of a past quote. Please click the “Resend RFQ” button on the quote history details page of the quote you wish to request a quote for again.

Process from quotation to delivery

1. After searching the stock status of the product you want from product search, select the products that need inventory checking or if you have desired conditions regarding price, delivery date etc. and click the “Quote” to add them to your RFQ cart and follow the instruction on the page to request a quotation. The following message below will appear if by any chance a search did not result in a hit. Please proceed to requesting a quotation if you see this message. “We’re sorry. We could not find any products matching your search criteria. Please try adjusting words used in search and try again or request a quotation below. You can proceed directly to requesting a quotation.”
2. After making a RFQ, a reply should be sent within 2 business days. You will be contacted if there is no stock or if quotation will take more time.
3. Once a quotation is ready it will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Quotations from Chip One Stop can also be confirmed by going to “Quote History” on your “My Page” at the top of the page after logging in.
4. Quotations will expire 10 days after quotation is given. However, even if it is within the deadline, delivery on expected date according to quotation may not be possible if number of days have passed since the quotation was sent, so please be sure to place order as soon as possible after receiving a quotation.
※ For more information on RFQs please go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

A quotation will be sent by e-mail within 1~2 business days depending on stock status. Please check the quote reply deadline displayed on the search results page for specific dates.

The expiration date for quotations is 10 days after the date the quotation has been given. However, products are not secured at the point of quotation, if inventory moves before the expiration date, it may not be possible to deliver under the conditions of the quotation. In such a case, you will be contacted immediately.

Tips for RFQ

Chip One Stop tries to provide as many quotations as possible, but will refrain from sending quotations if conditions clearly differ. If you need a quotation even if conditions do not match, please indicate to that effect in the comments section of the RFQ.

You may receive a reply stating, “We could not find the stock of your choice” or “Product that matched desired delivery date (shipping date) could not be found” etc. in cases of discontinued products with no stock or if the requested product name does not apply, we are unable to procure the product, or if we cannot find a product that satisfies the desired shipping date or quantity. Please contact us in such a case as products may be found by changing conditions etc.

Change quote content

Sorry, but you will need to make another quotation request.
Changes are accepted from My Page> Quotation History Details.

You can cancel a RFQ if a quotation has not yet been provided. Please cancel a RFQ by going to your My Page>Quote History details page and click the “Cancel RFQ” button.

The shipping date provided in a quotation on this site is the shortest possible date, it cannot be shortened. It is possible to change the date up to 5 business days from the shipping date stipulated in the quotation. Please select a date on the order page. If multiple products were quoted and the shipping dates differ, the shipping date can be extended according to the product with the latest shipping date and sent in bulk. (Shipments can be made separately according to the fastest possible shipping date as well.) If you have any particular requests please enter them in the comment section of the RFQ cart.

Open market excess stock/Long lead time products/EOL

Products handled at Chip One Stop are mostly products purchased from manufacturers and distributors, however, upon a customer’s request Chip One Stop may procure excess stock products from the open market. If we make procurement from the open market excess stock due to a search, Chip One Stop will inform customers of the fact in the quotation.
Also, Chip One Stop provides an X-ray inspection sample comparison service by request. (If you do not want to use this service a simple X-ray inspection will be performed.)

Normally, quotations exclude products with a long lead time after searching for desired products. If you would like quotations including those with a long lead time, please check the “Accept long lead time” in the desired conditions section when making a request.

Chip One Stop has a quotation service to search for hard to procure products and discontinued products. Please do a search and for products where “Quote” is shown, please RFQ. Chip One Stop will search for the product from our network of over 700 suppliers. We are also strengthening procurement services for discontinued products through cooperation with Rochester Electronics Co., which produces discontinued products.