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Creating an Account

On the Chip One Stop website, you can add product, you can search for the shopping or RFQ cart without creating an account, but you do need to create an account to place an order or request a quotation for a product. Since the log in page is automatically displayed for whenever logging into your account is required, click the create account link displayed on the log in page to create an account. (It is free of charge and takes only a few minutes.)
Registering as a member allows you to confirm browsing history, utilize the My Page function with bookmarks, and use various services of information distribution (useful information, industry news, and component information) and the delivery of free catalogs.

Your e-mail address is required to register. Please note that you cannot share one e-mail address with multiple people.

1. Fill out and submit the registration form displayed on the “Create New Account” page. (*The registration is not yet completed.)
2. An e-mail containing a registration confirmation will be sent to your registered e-mail address. If you don’t receive an e-mail, please check your Junk Mail folder.
3. Please click the URL link to complete your registration and login to start using website.

Members are able to only use one login ID, password and email address. Please make sure each person registers their own account.

Chip One Stop’s services are in principle available all over the world. If you cannot find/select the country you wish to make a transaction in from the country selection page, account registration page, or order page, please contact int@chip1stop.com.


You do not need to login to search for products, read latest news articles and columns. Once you have found a part, please add it to your shopping cart or RFQs. You will be asked to log in while following the steps to make purchases or RFQs. If you are not registered, you will be able to create an account from the login page.

Log in ID:
You can login with your registered e-mail address.

Please reset password from the reset password page.

You cannot change your login ID. Please cancel your account and reregister as a new member. You can change your password on the “Edit Account Information” page after logging in.

We’re sorry, but you are not allowed to transfer your login ID and password because of Chip One Stop’s terms of use.

Your login ID is the ID used to when logging into your account and is set by the user creating the account. Your customer number is a number used for customer inquiries and so on, each member of Chip One Stop who creates an account is issued a customer number regardless of registration information. The customer number is used as a security measure so that personal information cannot be distinguished.

Customer number

The customer number is the number Chip One Stop issues to each member after they have registered for use when Chip One Stop handles inquiries etc. from members. This number is issued regardless of a member’s registration information and is designed to prevent personal information from being identified externally.

Your login ID is the ID used to when logging into your account and is set by the user creating the account. Your customer number is a number used for customer inquiries and so on, each member of Chip One Stop who creates an account is issued a customer number regardless of registration information. The customer number is used as a security measure so that personal information cannot be distinguished.

The customer number is the 8 digit number displayed under the user’s name to the right of the search box after logging in.

Order history

You can view it from your My Page. Further details here

If you selected TT in advance as the payment method for the placed order, you can download the invoice on the order completed page or your order history details page. Please transfer payment to the account indicated on the invoice. The product will be shipped once payment is confirmed. Customers will be charged a 25USD or 3,000 JPY bank transfer fee on the invoice.
If you would like to select another payment method, please contact us by e-mail.
Greater China
Hong Kong
Other area

Click the “Reorder” button on the order history details page to add it to your shopping cart. However, there may be a difference in unit price, delivery date, and quantity. Please confirm these before placing order.

If the product has not yet been shipped and if you selected payment by credit account (Net30) as method of payment, you can change the order details. You can split delivery, change the delivery time and designate a consolidated shipment for multiple orders. Please change these items on the order history page. * To use the payment after receipt of bill (transaction in account), you need to apply for it in advance.Please refer here for details.

If you designate other payment methods, you cannot make changes on the Chip One Stop website. In case of emergency, please contact Chip One Stop customer support (+81-45-470-8771) (Operating hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Japan time on Chip One Stop business days).

RFQ History

You can view it from your My Page. Further details here

Quotation requested
This means your quotation request has been accepted.

Quotation provided – Available for order
This means a quotation has been provided and the product is available for order.

Quotation provided – Ordered
This means a quotation had been provided and available for order and the product has been ordered.

Quotation provided-Not quotable
This means a product that meets our desired conditions was not found.

Quotation expired
This means no reply was received after a quotation was provided and the quotation has since expired.

Response expired
This means the quotation has expired.

RFQ cancelled
This means that the request for a quotation was cancelled by the customer.

If a product in the provided quotation is available for order, you can purchase it under the same conditions stipulated in the quotation. Please select the checkbox and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Yes, you can. Select the quotation from your quotation history page and click the “RFQ Again” button displayed at the top and bottom of the list, the same quotation details will be added to your RFQ cart. Please modify any details if necessary and request the quotation as you normally would for an RFQ.

You can cancel an RFQ with a “Requested” status. Please go the quotation history details page and click the “Cancel” button. Once you come to the confirm cancelation page, click “Cancel” again. The canceled RFQ will remain in your quotation history. (Status will be changed to “Quotation canceled”.)

BOM Manager

It is a function that allows you to save Bill of Materials (BOM) on Chip One Stop’s web site.
The Bill of Materials (BOM) management function is part of the total support that Chip One Stop provides, including not only component procurement but also the design, manufacturing and mounting of circuit boards. It is a function that can be used for many things like manage Bills of Materials (BOM) that are upgraded continuously, procure components in bulk from BOMs, and can also be used with our PCB manufacturing service.
Also, by using it with the group function, you can also manage necessary components lists within your group and share information over development/design/purchase etc.

Yes, you can. Please register the Bill of Materials (BOM) first. Once registered, you can select a BOM from your BOM list to place orders or RFQ.
*Please note that stock information may differ from when the BOM was registered.

There is no specific limit. Please delete any BOMs that you don’t need anymore.

Up to 200 part numbers. If you want to register more than 200 part numbers you will have to register a separate BOM.

Please refer here.

Browsing history

The browsing history shows up to 100 products that you have searched and viewed the product detail page. For example, if you need a product that you searched for the previous day, you can easily find it from your browsing history.

Account Information

After logging in, you can confirm/change your account information from your My Page Change account information.

Login ID and customer number cannot be changed.
If you wish to change company information because you are leaving your current company, please withdraw from your account and reregister as a new member.

E-mail settings

Chip One Stop sends customers notifications by e-mail regarding useful information and news as well as transactions such as RFQ replies.

After logging in you can confirm/change your settings from your My Page > Email Setting.

Shipping address

If you register the shipping address you frequently use, you can save the effort of entering the shipping address manually when placing orders in the future.

After logging in, you can confirm/change your shipping address from your My Page > Shipping address information.
You can also register a new shipping address by entering the address when placing an order.

Credit account payment (Net 30)

This is a payment method where payment is made through an account for members who have completed a screening process. Net 30 payment term is only given to those who have been approved. Customers must have undergone and been approved for this payment method before it can be used.

You must apply for a Net 30 credit account. You can apply here.
Once you apply, there will be a screening process. If you are approved, a notification will be sent to let you know your account is now available for use. The screening process may take several days. Once this payment method is available, it will be added as one of the options for when selecting a payment method. Please note that Net 30 credit accounts are not currently available to sole proprietors who do not have corporate status, please select other payment methods.

Group function

The group function allows multiple members to share information such as order history, quotation history, browsing history, bookmarks, and the bill of materials (BOM) as one group.

Apply for this function from the group function section on your My Page after logging in. An e-mail notifying you that you can now use the group function will be sent within one business day.

The primary user can set the viewing and changing authority of things such as ordering, changing account information, viewing bookmarks, BOMs, order history, RFQ history of each individual group member. For example, you can restrict the authority so that designers cannot place orders but buyers can make bulk purchases of products that were added to bookmarks by developers, or share BOM information within a group involved in the same development project.

After a member with the authority to “change account information” logs in, they can add a member by going to their My Page > Group Function > Add Member. If you would like to add someone who is not registered, you can add them as a newly registered member from the same page.

The current primary member can change the primary member of the group by going to their My Page > Group function, after logging in.


The bookmark function allows you to bookmark (save as a favorite) frequently ordered products. Price information is updated to the most current price in real time. Click on the bookmark icon to add a product as a bookmark.
When placing an order/RFQ for a product, confirm the product’s information from your bookmarks and directly add it to your shopping cart or RFQ cart.

Only manufacturer part numbers of products that you browsed in the past are saved in your “Browsing History” while with “Bookmark” you can view the latest price information and shipping date information, allowing for smoother ordering and RFQ.


If you wish to withdraw your account due to job change, retirement, or transfer to another department, you can withdraw your account from the “Withdrawal” page located on your My Page.
Please introduce a successor and we will send them information via e-mail about creating an account (an account will not be created automatically).

Please note that you can’t withdraw your account if you are waiting for a reply regarding an inquiry, have placed an order and waiting for it to be delivered, or have not completed a payment. Please try to withdraw again after all transactions have been completed. Members who are primary members of a group must change the primary member of that group to a different group member. You can change the setting from your My Page > Group Function.