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Group function

Learn group membership function by video ▶

The group function allows multiple members to share information such as Bill of Materials (BOM), quotation history and order history as one group.
By using the group function, procurement of parts can be done more efficiently across multiple departments and divisions as well as within the same department.

Log in using the account you wish to set as your ‘Primary Member’, the Primary Member will have authorization to manage the group, and apply through their My Page>Group Member Function.

You can give viewing/editing authority to each member regarding ordering, changing member information, bookmark browsing, BOM function, order history and quote history.

After the member who has “Change member information” authority logs in, they can add a member by going to My Page > Group Member Function > Add Member. If you wish to add someone who does not have an account, you can add them as a newly registered member from the same page.

After the member who has “primary member” authority logs in, you can change the primary member through their My Page > group member function.

Delivery of useful information

We deliver a variety of information to members via Email.

Email News
・・・We will deliver valuable coupon information, newly handled items, newly handled manufacturers, price cut information, bargain information, useful information such as PDN/PCN information, new technical information etc. to the e-mail address you registered.

Chip One Stop has official accounts on Twitter and Facebook. You can hear about discounts and get limited coupons through each SNS.


Bill of Materials (BOM) function

Learn BOM management function by video ▶

It is a function that allows you to save Bill of Materials (BOM) on Chip One Stop’s web site. The Bill of Materials (BOM) function is part of the total support that Chip One Stop provides, including not only parts procurement but also the design, manufacturing and mounting of circuit boards. It is a function that can be used for many things like managing Bills of Materials (BOM) which are often being changed, procure parts in bulk from BOMs, and can also be used with our PCB manufacturing service.
Also, by using it with the group function, you can also manage required parts lists within your group and share information over development/design/purchase etc.

Yes. First, save your Bill of Materials (BOM). Once it is saved, you can proceed to order or RFQ for that BOM from your list of BOMs. (Stock information may have changed since when BOM was saved.)

There are no specific restrictions. Please delete any that you no longer need if necessary.

Up to 200 part numbers. If you have more than that, please save separately.

Please refer to the BOM Function page.

PCB manufacturing /implementation

Not available outside of Japan


From time to time Chip One Stop will have campaigns.
There are coupons that are granted when specific conditions are met, and coupons that members can enter by using coupon codes.

There are coupons for things like free shipping, discounts, gifts of specific products, etc.

You can check for coupons on the “Discount & Use” page during the ordering process.

Please enter the coupon code on the campaign/application input page during the shopping cart purchasing process.

X-ray inspection sample comparison service

Not available outside of Japan

Silicon Expert (electronic component information database)

It is the world’s largest information database with information that is continuously updated such as supply status, production discontinuation, specification charges, replacement parts, hazardous substances of over 200 million electronic components supplied by more than 15,000 parts manufacturers using the unique information gathering capabilities of the US company, Silicon Expert. It provides services through an annual paid subscription.

It allows you to effectively search and manage the supply status of electronic components, the most important thing in managing the life cycle of electronic device products and it shows great effect in avoiding problems in design and production caused by lack of production information of electronic parts used at the time of electronic device production and lack of information regarding specification changes.

Learn more on our Silicon Expert page.